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Wooden Shelves

Give your home office even more storage space with these practical yet stylish shelves. Regardless of your decor, choose from a variety of looks customized just to match the feel of your room.

Wooden Shelf
Various sizes available.
Raw reclaimed wood may be available depending on sizes.
Option 1:
Solid Wood Beam Shelf
Small: W 36" D 6" T 4" $175
Medium: W 48" D 6" T 4" $195
Large: W 60" D 6" T 4" $225
Option 2:
Solid Wood Shelf
Small: W 36" D 10" T 1" $135
Medium: W 48" D 10" T 1" $145
Large: W 60" D 10" T 1" $175
Metal support: $45 each

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