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French Antique Locker

Our masterfully constructed French Antique locker organizes the most chaotic entryway or mudroom in style by keeping everything within easy reach: coats, schoolbags and hats can be easily hung on the hooks and smaller items hidden in the cabinet. Choose the exact size needed for your entryway. Our benches provide the ideal sitting spots and extra storage in their drawers, and our optional mirrors guarantee that you are ready for the day!

French Antique Locker
* We can customize the inside to your needs!
Small: W 35" D 24" H 72"
Including 1 cupboard with wooden doors, 1 drawer and black metal hook rail.
Medium: W 47" D 18" H 84"
Including 2 cupboards with wooden doors, 2 drawers and black metal hook rail.
Large: W 60" D 18" H 84"
Including 3 cupboards with wooden doors, 3 drawers and black metal hook rail.

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