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Wood & Iron Horizontal Barn Door

Offering a new twist on an old-fashioned design, our Wood & Iron horizontal barn doors will provide you a casual yet elegant way to both separate and connect two rooms while saving space. Enhanced with sleek modern style hardware, they come in a variety of customizable options, from dimensions to a wide range of colours, in order to mesh with any style decor.

Wood & Iron Horizontal Barn Door
Features reclaimed wood on the front of the door and a black wood panel on the back side. Optional reclaimed wood on both sides.
Dimensions: W 34" H 86" Starting at $745
We can help you with the delivery & installation. Ask us for details.
Horizontal plank: Starting at $120
Rustic hardware and rail
(black or silver):
Ferris wheel hardware and rail
(black only):
Horse shoe hardware and rail
(black only):
Small handle: $30
Large bar handle and puck knob
(black or silver):

We can help with
delivery and installation!
Ask us for details.
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